New Year, New Budget, New Goals: New Office?

Cubicle coworking space in Nashville.

2024 is here, so why not change things for your work? Finding a new office, coworking space, or meeting room for your business can be the perfect way to branch out in the new year. 

Should You Get a New Office in 2024?

New Year, New Office Space

Small businesses are destined to remain small if they don’t have room to grow. Whether you’re looking to move on from your garage, upgrade from some stuffy old office park, or begin your journey as an entrepreneur, renting office space at a coworking space is an excellent way to start fresh in 2024. Renting new work offices can be just what your business needs as we enter the new year. Renting private offices within coworking spaces offers unique opportunities for small businesses. Many of these spaces act as natural incubators for a number of local industries, allowing you and your team to network and expand in the community. Working around other bustling industries is a great morale boost for your team, whether you’ve been cooped up in post-COVID remote spaces or stuck in a small office that feels more like a desert island. If you’ve been burned by complicated leases or difficult landlords in the past, a coworking space will feel fairly different in all the right ways.

Having a lease contract that’s clear and free from legal jargon and unnecessary caveats is important to building a relationship of mutual trust and a place where your business can thrive. 

Coworking spaces are great for business owners still working on the ground floor and needing to focus on the company. Give it your all, and let us handle the infrastructure like fast and reliable WiFi, free parking, maintenance, and 24/7 keycard access. 

If your current office lease is up, why not explore some new options? Center 615 is a premier coworking and office space in the heart of Nashville with an incredibly client-focused ethos. Conventional office leases are restrictive, but at C615, you can grow or shrink your office space mid-lease to suit your changing needs. With rising prices across the board, it’s important to set and stick to a budget. When you lease office work space from Center 615, you don’t need to worry about hidden costs or additional fees. Knowing what things will cost upfront is incredibly helpful for planning your finances, and our rates are transparent. Monthly prices for a small team start at $975 and support a business of up to three people. If you’re past the startup stage, you might be looking at a midsize office. Don’t worry because C615 has office space for lease for teams of all sizes in the Nashville area. Rates start at $1,320 a month, and these spaces accommodate teams of 4-10 people. When you’re ready to grow, or if you’re coming to Center 615 well after you’ve established yourselves, larger offices are available. These spaces can accommodate teams of over 50 people and grow with your business as you hire more folks. 

Coworking in 2024

The office in 2024 is more dynamic than ever. With more and more hybrid and fully remote opportunities hitting the job market every day, it’s important that you have the right space for getting things done. While many people enjoy working from home, others miss the office. Whether it’s for socialization, routine-building, or a simple change of scenery, some people want to have the option to get back into the office. When many employers don’t offer the option, we need to look to coworking spaces to get the office vibes back. Many of us are at our most productive when we’re getting work done among others. A coworking space like Center 615 represents the best of the office environment we had before COVID without the stuffy decor, complicated office politics, or difficult commute. If you’re ready to start the new year at a new office, experience everything that Center 615 has. Our amenities go way beyond the old-school office space you may be used to. While free parking and coffee and tea in the breakroom are standard office fare, you might be surprised to learn what else you can find in a modern coworking space. Nap rooms, themed meeting rooms, common spaces for socializing, and even dog-friendly offices are all more common in the current coworking environment. Center 615 is able to offer all of these perks and more, and we’re always happy to see these amenities used to their fullest. 

Drifter desks are available at C615 for $300 on a month-to-month basis. With no lease, you can experience the joys of coworking without a year-long commitment you’d face at other office spaces. Access is limited to the hours of 8 AM to 8 PM, seven days a week for drifter desks, but all of the other amenities are included. If you’re ready to commit to something more stable in your coworking journey, designated desks are $500 on a month-to-month basis. Have your own home away from home, and enjoy 80 square feet of your own space in a bustling coworking space in the heart of Nashville. If you’re not sure you’re ready to leave the quiet comfort of your home office, you can sample the coworking space world with a day pass. For $25 a day, you can experience everything C615 has to offer with zero commitment. Whether you’re just trying it out or only in town for a few days, this day pass is a great way to shake up your scenery this new year. 

No matter what you need from a coworking space in 2024, Center 615 has all the bases covered. If you’re ready to learn more about leasing office space or setting up in our coworking space on your own, give us a call today to ask any questions. Then schedule a tour to see what you can expect when you start working with us.

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