Sign and Seal: The Convenience of Free Notary Service for Our Coworking Community

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Notaries are an important part of doing business in Nashville, and their availability in a coworking space is a huge perk that you should consider for your legal practice or real estate operation. Here’s why Center 615’s free notary services and other amenities are so important to us. 

What to Know About Center 615 Notary Services

What Is a Notary?

If you’re not clear on what a notary does, let’s clear it up. While many legal professionals have dealt with notaries, for most, a notary service is only going to be necessary at one or two points in their lives. A notary is a public official who is qualified to act as an impartial witness. Sometimes referred to as notaries public, these individuals must pass exams and background checks to ensure their integrity and experience. In Nashville, notaries need to secure a surety bond, which acts as insurance protecting the rights of the individuals signing a document. Notaries are neutral parties who observe a legal agreement and ensure that neither party is acting coercively or signing under duress. They also verify the identities of the people signing documents and ensure that the individual or individuals signing understand the terms of the agreement. These are all important legal distinctions that guarantee the validity of a contract or other legal agreement. Many legal documents require a notary’s seal, and their services are indispensable for businesses that sign legal contracts or real estate documents like mortgage agreements. 

With a better understanding of what notaries do and who may need them in their day-to-day work, let’s learn how notary services are a part of Center 615’s coworking space.

The Benefits of On-Site Notary Services

Center 615 is a productive coworking space in the heart of Nashville’s Five Points neighborhood. We pride ourselves on the many services we offer our coworking and office rental clients, and an on-site notary is one of our favorites. The convenience of having an on-site notary can’t be overstated for people in the real estate and legal sectors, both for internal and client-facing purposes. Being able to notarize closing agreements or legal documents in one of our unique meeting rooms makes the process simple for you and your clients. Our meeting rooms are free to rent for our coworking clients and any business renting office space, and with eight spaces to choose from, you’ll always have a space to review documentation in a quiet and private location. Notary services are typically available at public places like post offices and libraries, but they usually aren’t available on call. Mobile notaries are available, but they usually cost more to contract, and for good reason. These notaries will come to you, but that’s another person’s availability you need to work around to schedule your meeting. At Center 615, notary services are available on-site, and they’re free to our clients. 

If you plan to become a member at Center 615, rest assured that our notary services are readily available. Several of our staff are certified notaries! Just give us a heads up and we can ensure that you’ve got a notary when you need them. A notary isn’t just for your work, either—they can help notarize things for you in your personal life as well. Our notaries have helped coworking clients with passport applications, wills, and other contracts. In most situations, you’d need to make multiple phone calls and drive around the city to find an available notary for these situations, but not at C615. Our notary services set us apart from other coworking spaces and are only a part of what makes Center 615 an incredible value for coworking and office rentals. 

Other Center 615 Coworking Amenities

Only the best coworking spaces have on-site notary services, but that’s not all Center 615 has to offer. While we’ve already mentioned our eight unique meeting rooms, it’s important to emphasize that renting these spaces is free if you rent office space from us or cowork on-site. Coworking clients get three free business hours of meeting room rentals each month, but it’s unlimited outside of business hours. Having an on-site notary and a convenient meeting place to sign a document with your realtor or lawyer where you’re already working makes your stressful itinerary easy to manage. Center 615’s campus is easily accessible and has ample free parking for our members, too. Common areas like break rooms and even a meditation room are crucial for your mental health at work, and Center 615 has them in spades. Our open space has plenty of room to spread out or work up close and personal in a bustling shared area. High-speed Google fiber internet and the ability to connect via wifi or hardwire means you’re always able to access the documents you may need. Printing services and mail reception mean you can print and mail paperwork and receive documents that may need to be signed and notarized right at work. 

The benefits of coworking spaces are countless, and some of them are inherent in the nature of coworking itself. Having the opportunity to network with other professionals while you work is a great reason to explore coworking if you haven’t considered it before. Unlike a traditional office space, you aren’t cut off from people in other industries. Make meaningful connections and forge real business relationships in a vibrant community at Center 615. We believe that Nashville should be the best city to work in, and the amenities we offer here make that a reality. On-site notary services may not be something you need every day, but the fact that they’re available when you do need them is a huge convenience. 

Convenient Coworking Seekers, Take Note

We’re happy to provide the people who work with us with free on-site notary services alongside a number of wonderful amenities. With Center 615’s on-site notary, you can sign, seal, and deliver without leaving our campus.

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