How to Make Coworking Work for You and Your Furry Companion

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Coworking is an excellent way for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and freelancers to get things done in a dynamic space that’s away from home. But if you don’t want to leave your dog behind while you’re at work, can you bring your furry friend along with you? 

How to Cowork With Your Pet

Coworking With Your Dog

To a dog owner, being able to bring your pet to work with you is a huge perk to find in a workplace. Many offices have started allowing employees to bring their dogs into work with them, and coworking spaces have led that charge toward a more fun workplace. It’s important to consider how important a perk like this is to you when you’re looking at a prospective coworking space. While many places do allow dogs, the attitudes at each can be different. Allowing dogs and welcoming dogs are two different things. While touring a coworking space, be sure to gauge the true comfort level of the place. Do other people have their pets with them? Does the person giving you the tour have any experience with dogs actually being in the office? Are there available amenities for dogs, like walkable outdoor space, dog waste stations, and safety gates? If you’re seriously considering bringing your dog with you to work most or all days, then you need to ensure the coworking space is serious about it, too. If a space can check these boxes for you, then you’re good to go! 

There are many benefits to working in a dog-friendly coworking space, even for people who don’t own dogs. Dogs can help boost morale at work for you and your coworkers. Most people in a coworking space find that dogs help to foster a more pleasant and socially active environment. Your dog doesn’t just brighten your day; that furball can help motivate anyone to enjoy their day, too. The presence of your own dog, or any dog for that matter, can reduce stress. Being able to take your dog to work also reduces your stress in regards to your dog’s health. Don’t worry about leaving your dog home alone while you’re at work anymore! If you used to pay for dog walkers or dog sitters when you went to your office job, you can actually cut back on expenses by taking them to work with you. Bringing your pet to work can do a lot more than improve your mood; it can save you time, effort, and money. If you’re looking for the best coworking spaces—places that really want you to get the best work done and actually enjoy your day—look for somewhere that lets you bring your dog to work. 

Dog owners can benefit a lot from a coworking space that allows pets, but people with service animals can find even more benefits in these inclusive workspaces. Service animals help their owners immensely, assisting them with a variety of health conditions at home, at work, and when they’re in public. While any workplace legally needs to grant your service animal access, working in a place that already allows dogs makes that simpler. While nobody should have to worry about their service animal being a disruption, many service animal owners do deal with awkward situations from time to time. In a coworking space that’s dog-friendly, that isn’t a problem. 

Your Dog at Center 615

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly coworking space in Nashville, you’re in luck. Center 615 is a coworking campus in the heart of Nashville’s Five Points neighborhood that encourages its clients to bring their dogs to work. At C615, we recognize the many benefits of bringing your dog to work with you, and we just love seeing everyone’s furry friends. Our large campus has a lot of walkable outdoor space for breaks, and we have several dog waste stations available, so you can forget the bags at home and still have peace of mind. While we have some resources available for your dog, it’s important to bring things from home that can help keep your dog occupied and happy at work. A cozy dog bed, their favorite toys, and a bowl for water can make sure your pet feels safe at the office. Fortunately, our recent CESAR® grant means we have treats available, and we’re working on some more perks for your furry friends to make things even better at C615. Center 615 has won the first CESAR® Workplace Grant, which makes us one of the best places to work with your dog in the country. It’s been our policy to allow dogs for years, but this recent grant has given us even greater resources for enhancing your pet’s experience at work. We have pet cleaning supplies on campus and have added pet first aid kits to each campus building to make your experience here as worry-free as possible. 

We do ask that our clients ensure their dogs are well-trained and comfortable around people and other pets. This guarantees that everyone feels comfortable and safe at work. But if you find that your pet isn’t a great fit for coworking, don’t despair. There are many local dog trainers who can help you get your pet comfortable in a new environment, and we have garnered quite a bit of experience in hosting pets, too. If you’re new to a coworking environment, we can help you and your pet ease into this transition to help make sure it’s going to work for you both. Getting your pet used to this new routine can be the most helpful thing, so easing them into office life might take time. If your pup is struggling to adjust, you may want to try bringing them in for a few hours at first, to dip their paws into the experience. This can help familiarize them with the sights, sounds, and scents of C615 without overwhelming them. Giving them ample playtime before and after work can help them expend some of their energy so they’re calmer at the office. If this all sounds like a lot, don’t worry too much. We’ve seen that most of the dogs that people bring to the office adjust quite easily, and our many amenities for you and your pets help to guarantee that simple transition. 

Bring Your Pet to Work With You at C615A pet-friendly coworking space can enhance your day-to-day experience immensely, and C615 wants to make that possible. If you’re ready to learn more about coworking with your dog at Center 615, don’t hesitate to book a tour of our campus today.

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