Downtown Dream: How Free Parking Enhances the Coworking Experience in Nashville

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Nashville is a bustling city with a lot to do each and every night, from downtown to the Five Points neighborhood. This level of hustle isn’t without its drawbacks, though, and finding free parking (or any parking) in Nashville is incredibly challenging—but if you cowork at Center 615, free parking isn’t nearly as elusive as it seems in Music City. 

Amenities You Need From Your Coworking Space

There are countless amenities that coworking spaces offer to incentivize you to work with them. The remote work landscape is broad in 2024, and so the competition among coworking spaces is heating up. That means more perks for people looking for an office feel while they work remotely or freelance and aren’t interested in staying at home. The best coworking spaces are the ones that put their people first and do everything they can to make work fun and easy. Finding a spot in Nashville that provides a unique place to work and a variety of must-have amenities is simple: think Center 615. 

C615 offers basic amenities like free coffee and tea in the common areas as well as more unique perks like free notary services and the ability to bring your dog to work. Our three-building, sprawling campus in the heart of the Five Points neighborhood is the perfect place to work, meet, collaborate, and even shop. Infrastructure is also important for getting things done, which is why C615 provides Google Fiber wifi and wired access points for blazing fast internet, ensuring you don’t drop an important meeting or disconnect from your work VPN when you need it most. Coworking space productivity is important, and it’s something you need to plan for when exploring places to work near you. 

Many amenities are focused on providing you with a comfortable workspace, which can help enhance your productivity. Bringing your dog to work, for example, can lower stress and save you money on a dog walker or sitter. Our campus is one of the first coworking spaces in the country to receive the Cesar Workplace Grant, which enabled us to provide even more dog-friendly amenities to our employees and coworkers. If you don’t have a dog, don’t worry. We’ve got more to offer. One amenity is often overlooked here at Center 615, but it’s huge for people in real estate or the legal sector. We are proud to offer our clients with free, on-site notary services. Having a notary available whenever you need them makes signing legal documents so much simpler, and that convenience saves you time and money. 

Meeting room access is crucial for many businesses and freelancers who are looking to gather their teams or interface with clients. At Center 615, we have eight meeting rooms with unique features to make for memorable meetings and presentations. Coworking clients get three hours of meeting room space per month during business hours and enjoy a steeply discounted rental rate after that (plus free after-hours usage). If you rent office space with us at C615, unlimited meeting room time is available whenever you may need it. 24/7 building access is one huge benefit of coworking spaces that many people might overlook. Remote work means you can set your own hours and work when you’re at your most productive. For some, that’s off-hours or on weekends, which can be challenging when working from home. Getting to go to your own space whenever you want is an excellent feature of coworking at Center 615. 

Free Parking in Nashville

If you’ve ever had to stop a meeting short to pay the parking meter or ensure you’re not paying an exorbitant fee for garage parking, you’re not alone. Stressing out over parking at work or when you’re heading to an event can put a damper on the best of days. The last thing on your mind at work should be the parking meter, which is why Center 615 offers free on-site parking to all of our coworking and office rental clients and their guests. 

Free parking in Nashville isn’t all that abundant these days, so this is a perk you shouldn’t overlook. Street parking is challenging in Nashville and downright impossible on certain busy streets. While there are a lot of surface lots, most cost an arm and a leg and aren’t centrally located anyway. Factor in surge pricing for sporting events and concerts, and you’re looking at dropping a pretty penny just to park. Nashville isn’t exactly known for its reliable and widespread public transportation, so driving is often the best bet in spite of the parking woes. Free parking at your job is a huge convenience that means more than you might think. Get into work exactly when you want without having to factor in extra commute time circling the block and waiting for a space to open up. Never feed another meter while working; just stop into Center 615. 

Since we’re open 24/7 to our coworking clients and office renters, that’s free parking all the time for you as long as you’re a member. We love having people stop by on their off hours to take in the sights, shop at the Five Points Alley Shops, or grab a quick bite at one of the excellent restaurants nearby. Free parking is also a great benefit for your guests and clients when they drop in for a get-together in one of our meeting rooms. Offering a client free, convenient parking is a great way to make an excellent first impression, and that’s not all. Avoiding missed meetings or showing up late by having access to parking is huge. Nashville parking has a way of making even the most prepared people wind up late. Accessible parking for people with disabilities is rarely an easy find in Nashville since there are so many others vying for prime spots close to what they need. If you’re not able to travel long distances on foot, having on-site parking is a must. Our ADA-compliant campus is easily accessed from our two lots, and we strive to provide accommodations to all of our coworking clients who need them. 

Powerful Parking Perks

Free parking is a huge perk that should not be overlooked when you’re looking for your next coworking space. Come visit us at Center 615 and learn how free parking, combined with our other amenities, makes us the best place to work in Nashville.

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