Month: February 2023

Center 615 game room.

What Nashville Coworking Space Will Suit Your Unique Needs?

Nashville is a city brimming with character, dripping in style, and bathed in incredible sound. Music City plays home to a diverse and creative community with focuses that extend far beyond the music that made the area famous. No matter what you do, you need to find the right space for it in your city, and working is no exception. So what Nashville coworking space will suit your unique needs?  

Two young adults working in a coworking space.

Five Reasons to Freelance in a Coworking Space Rather Than Home

Freelancing is a great way to define your hours, choose the work you want to do, and remain independent in a world where control is not always easily maintained. So if you’ve found yourself in a stable freelance position, you might be getting tired of working from home. Here’s how coworking spaces can help and …

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Small Offices Near Me for Rent: Where to Go When You Outgrow Your Home Office

As a huge section of the workforce began working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the home office became a major topic of interest and scrutiny. Experts pondered whether remote work was as productive or fulfilling for people as in-office work, while influencers got to work creating work-at-home aesthetics and daily routines. But even though many people have made working from home work for them, not every home office is a perfect place.